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Samsung Dryer Not Spinning: Troubleshooting and Solutions

Samsung Dryer Not Spinning 



Is your Samsung dryer causing your frustration by turning on but refusing to spin? Don’t worry, this comprehensive guide will help you understand the common causes behind this issue and provide easy-to-follow solutions to get your dryer back into action.  

We’ll break it down in a simple human-friendly way so you can resolve the problem quickly. 

Unfortunately, if your dryer is not spinning it usually means that service is required. There is one quick test to perform to make sure that the cycle is being started correctly. And of course, make sure it is not something as simple as Child Lock. 


Troubleshooting and Simple Solutions 


1. Child Lock is on 



Sometimes the Child Lock feature can be accidentally turned on preventing your dryer from starting. 



Press and hold the two buttons above the Child Lock label for about 3 seconds or until the smiling icon on the dryer display screen disappears. 



2. Error Code 




If your dryer displays an error code it is trying to communicate a specific issue. 




Look for flashing letters or numbers on the display screen and refer to your manual for the corresponding solution. 



3. Insufficient Power or Voltage 




Inadequate power or voltage can lead to your dryer not spinning properly. 



Check the dryer power cord for loose or damaged wiring. If it is connected to an extension cord move it to a separate circuit to ensure it receives sufficient electrical power. 



4. Door Switch Malfunction 




A faulty door switch can prevent the dryer from starting. 




Unplug the dryer and carefully unscrew the door assembly to check the door switch for loose or damaged wiring. 



5. Broken Drive Belt 




A broken or loose drive belt can impede drum rotation. 




Unplug the dryer and try to spin the drum by hand. If it turns easily the belt is either loose or broken. In this case you’ll need to disassemble the dryer to replace the broken drive belt. 



6. Broken Idler Pulley 




A damaged idler pulley can disrupt the drums rotation. 




Unplug the dryer, disassemble the panels to access the drum and inspect the idler pulley at the back. If it doesn’t spin easily on its shaft replace it. 



7. Broken Drum Roller and Axle 




Damaged drum rollers and axles can hinder drum rotation. 




Unplug the dryer disassemble the top and front panel to access the drum. Remove the driver belt and turn the drum by hand. If the drum has difficulty turning, check the rollers and their axles for damage. 



8. Worn Out Drum Bearing 




A worn out drum bearing can lead to squeaking or grinding noises and difficulty turning the drum. 




Unplug the dryer, remove the top and front panels to access the drum. Remove the driver belt and turn the drum by hand. If you hear unusual noises and have difficulty turning the drum check the drum bearing for damage. 



9. Damaged Drum Glide 




Worn or damaged drum glides can affect the drum rotation. 



Unplug the dryer and remove the front bulkhead to access the drum glides. Check the glides for wear and damage and replace them if necessary. 



10. Drive Motor Failure 




A malfunctioning drive motor can prevent the drum from spinning. 




Unplug the dryer and disassemble its panels to access the drive motor and blower wheel. Check the blower wheel for blockages and clean it as necessary. Inspect the motor for any damage and replace it if needed. 



Troubleshooting Summary 



Child Lock Activated 

Press and hold buttons above Child Lock for 3 seconds. 

Code Error 

Refer to manual for corresponding solution. 

Insufficient Power or Voltage 

Check the power cord and ensure proper voltage. 

Door Switch Malfunction 

Inspect door switch for loose or damaged wiring. 

Broken Drive Belt 

Replace the driving belt. 

Broken Idler Pulley 

Replace the damaged idler pulley. 

Broken Drum Roller and Axle 

Inspect rollers and axles; replace them if damaged. 

Worn Out Drum Bearing 

Replace the worn-out drum bearing. 

Damaged Drum Glide 

Replace worn or damaged drum glides. 

Drive Motor Failure 

Check for blockages, clean blower wheel and replace motor. 


Common Questions Answer 

Q: Are Samsung dryers known for their quality and durability?  

A: Yes, Samsung dryers are recognized for their sturdy build and long-lasting performance making them a trusted choice for many consumers. 

Q: How can I check if the Child Lock is activated on my Samsung dryer?  

A: Look for the Child Lock label on your dryer control panel. If it is activated pressing and holding the two buttons above it for 3 seconds will deactivate it. 

Q: What should I do if my Samsung dryer displays an error code?  

A: Check your dryer manual for the corresponding solution to the displayed error code. It will guide you on how to resolve the issue. 

Q: Can an extension cord affect my dryer’s performance?  

A: Yes, using an extension cord may lead to insufficient power. To ensure your dryer receives adequate electrical power plug it into a separate circuit. 

Q: How can I inspect the drive belt on my Samsung dryer for damage?  

A: Unplug the dryer disassemble it to access the drum and manually attempt to spin the drum. If it turns easily the drive belt may be loose or broken and you should replace it. 



Feature Table: Samsung Dryer Features 


Price Range 

Quality and Durability 

Advanced Drying Cycles 

Affordable to Premium 

Sturdy Build 

Energy Efficiency 

Varies with Model 

Long lasting Performance 

User-Friendly Controls 

Budget-friendly to 

Trusted Brand 



Reliable Components 

Smart Connectivity 


Warranty and Support 





When your Samsung dryer turns on but does not spin it can be frustrating, but the good news is that most issues can be resolved with the right troubleshooting steps.  

By identifying the cause and following the appropriate solution, you can get your dryer back to working efficiently. 






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