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Meghan Trainor Returns to Fun 107 as Host: A Homecoming to Remember

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Growing Up in Nantucket:

Meghan Trainor, the Cape Cod native, was born in Nantucket just days before Christmas in 1993. Her early life on this beautiful island was filled with music and family moments.

Meghan’s Childhood and Family

From a young age, Meghan was surrounded by a supportive family that nurtured her musical interests. Her parents, both musicians, played a significant role in her early development.

Early Musical Influences

Meghan’s diverse musical tastes began forming early, influenced by her parents’ eclectic playlists. She was particularly drawn to Bob Marley and the vibrant sounds of ska.

Musical Journey

Dabbling in Music

By the time Meghan was 12 or 13, she was already exploring her musical talents.

Local Tribute Bands

She joined local tribute bands, which gave her a taste of performing live and honing her skills on stage.

Writing Songs and Early Performances

Even at a young age, Meghan was writing her songs, experimenting with different genres and styles.

Bob Marley and Ska Influences

Her early focus on Bob Marley’s music and ska added a unique flavor to her compositions, setting her apart from her peers.

High School Years

Nauset Regional High School

Meghan attended Nauset Regional High School on Cape Cod, where her musical journey continued to evolve.

Writing for the Troops

As a sophomore, she wrote and performed a heartfelt song dedicated to the troops, showcasing her growing talent and patriotic spirit.

Musical Growth and Performances

High school provided Meghan with more opportunities to perform and refine her musical abilities, setting the stage for her future success.

Rise to Fame

Behind the Microphone

Over the past decade, Meghan Trainor has become a household name, known for her powerful voice and catchy tunes.

Recording Studio vs. Live Performances

While she has spent countless hours in the recording studio, performing live on stage brings a different kind of energy and connection with her audience.

Gaining Mega Fame

Her rise to fame has been meteoric, but Meghan remains grounded and connected to her roots.

Return to Fun 107

Hosting the Show

Now, Meghan is coming full circle by hosting a show on Fun 107, the radio station she grew up listening to.

Connecting with Local Fans

This is a special opportunity for her to reconnect with her hometown fans and share her journey with them.

Answering Audience Questions

Meghan plans to answer questions submitted by the Fun 107 audience, offering insights into her life and career.

Using the Fun 107 App

Listeners can send in their questions through the Fun 107 app, making the show interactive and engaging.

Balancing Life and Career

Working Mother

As a new mother, Meghan has a lot on her plate, but she manages to balance her family life with her demanding career.

Juggling Family and Fame

She’ll share stories about how she juggles her responsibilities as a mother and a world-famous recording artist.

Stories from the Show

Expect to hear candid anecdotes and experiences that highlight Meghan’s journey and resilience.

The Big Event

The Meghan Trainor Show on Fun 107

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 9, at noon for The Meghan Trainor Show on Fun 107.

Date and Time

This special event promises to be a memorable one for fans old and new.

Music and More

Meghan will play a mix of her hits and some of her favorite current songs from the Fun 107 playlist.

Fan Engagement

Enter to Win ‘Timeless’

In conjunction with her show, Meghan is giving away autographed copies of her latest album, “Timeless.”

Autographed Edition Giveaway

This is a unique opportunity for fans to own a piece of Meghan’s music history.

How to Enter

Simply enter through the Fun 107 app for your chance to win this exclusive prize.

Looking Ahead

Future Radio Shows

This appearance on Fun 107 could be the start of more radio shows for Meghan.

Potential for More Appearances

Fans can hope for more opportunities to hear Meghan on the airwaves in the future.

Connecting with Hometown Roots

These shows allow Meghan to stay connected with her hometown roots and give back to the community that supported her early on.


Meghan Trainor’s return to Fun 107 is more than just a homecoming; it’s a celebration of her journey from a young girl with a dream to a global superstar. Her show promises to be filled with music, memories, and meaningful interactions with her fans. As Meghan continues to balance her career and family life, she remains an inspiration to many. Don’t miss this chance to reconnect with Meghan Trainor on Fun 107.


When is The Meghan Trainor Show airing?

The show is set for Sunday, June 9, at noon.

How can I enter the ‘Timeless’ giveaway?

Enter through the Fun 107 app for a chance to win an autographed copy of Meghan Trainor’s new album.

What kind of music will be featured on the show?

Meghan will play her hits as well as some of her favorite current songs from the Fun 107 playlist.

How can fans ask Meghan questions?

Fans can submit their questions via the Fun 107 app.

Will Meghan Trainor host more shows on Fun 107?

There’s a good chance she will, as Meghan enjoys staying connected with her hometown fans




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Meghan Trainor Returns to Fun 107 as Host: A Homecoming to Remember