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Let’s Talk About Viking Dishwasher Drying Issues


When doing routine household tasks like dishwashing modern appliances come in useful. Making sure that the kitchen is completely and correctly clean requires a lot of time to deal with grease, stains, smelly plates, and other dishes.  

They have become known for their quality, trustworthiness, and time and convenience-saving features much like the Viking dishwashers.  

However, sometimes you may experience issues with the appliance and arrange for a professional dishwasher repair service.  


Without wasting time let’s talk about its problems 

The Common Causes of Drying Issues With Your Dishwasher 

As with all appliances, your dishwasher will last longer if it is handled and cared for properly. One of the following problems could be the cause if your dishwasher isn’t drying your dishes properly: 


Not Using Rinse Aid  


Rinse aid is essential for lowering the surface tension of water, which speeds up drying. Your dishes might not dry properly if the rinse aid is depleted or if there is damage to the dispenser. 



Verify that the type and quantity of rinse aid you’re using are appropriate. 

Look for leaks or clogs in the dispenser. 

When necessary, replace or refill the dispenser. 


Check The Heating Element  


The heating coil is a critical component responsible for warming water during wash and rinse cycles. If it’s malfunctioning, your dishes may not feel warm after a wash cycle. 



Inspect for any damage or malfunction. 

Test the heating element with a multimeter. 

Replace the heating element if needed. 


Thermostat Failure 


The drying process and the water’s temperature are managed by the thermostat. The drying capacity of your dishwasher may be affected if it’s not operating correctly. 



The thermostat may be to blame if your dishwasher is not drying properly even though the heating coil is functioning.  

Use a multimeter to identify the issue. 


Examine The Door Vent and Fan Assembly Issue:  


By drawing out extra moisture from the dishwasher, the door vent and fan help it dry out more quickly. Should either part not be operating properly, your dishes might stay wet. 



Check for damage and anything obstructing the vent. 

Verify that the fan motor is operating properly. 

If needed, replace or fix the fan and vent. 

Make sure there are no blockages and if needed use a multimeter for further diagnostics. 


Check The Dishwasher’s Drainage System 


A properly functioning drainage system is essential for efficient drying. If water isn’t draining correctly, it could cause your dishes to stay wet. 


Ensure proper installation of the drain hose and make sure it’s draining. 

Clean the dishwasher’s filter and pump. 

Check for clogs or damage in the drain system. 



Improper Loading 


The way you load your dishwasher can greatly affect its drying performance. Improper stacking or overcrowding can lead to dishes not drying well.  



Choose the correct drying cycle for your dishes and use a longer drying time if available. 

Avoid overloading or overcrowding the dishwasher. 



Your dishes will come out dry and spotless if your dishwasher is operating properly. You may increase the usefulness and efficiency of your Viking dishwasher for many years by taking care of common problems and giving it regular maintenance. 

In addition to cleaning more effectively, hot water evaporatively dries faster. Your Viking dishwasher might not have enough hot water if you notice that the dishes aren’t drying completely.

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