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7 Surprising Facts About Virokill Technology You Need to Know

 The world has faced a global health crisis in recent times, and maintaining hygiene is now one of the utmost needs. Keeping the current situation in mind, CenturyPly has introduced Virokill technology, the newest technology by CenturyPly, India’s leading manufacturer in the furniture and decor industry.


This is a game-changer that lets CenturyPly offer a field-proven innovation in their various product range. In this article, we shall talk about 7 surprising facts about Virokill technology you need to know.


● Cutting-Edge Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties:

Unlike normal surface treatment, Virokill has a unique killing effect on bacteria, moulds, viruses, and spores. It is a highly advanced technology to kill viruses and bacteria efficiently.​ This innovation is built on cutting-edge technology and can kill microbes on contact. Implementation of this technology to the furniture and home decor will never lose their aesthetic appearance and also remain in the state of hygienic.


● Active Protection Against Pathogens:

Virokill technology is the opposite of passive coverups which offer only short-term protection. Virokill technology attacks pathogens directly and disturbs their cellular structure the moment the pathogens come into contact with them.


It is not just the efficient and fast clean-up of the microbial pathogen traces that outperforms traditional antimicrobial solutions rather, the ability to be proactive in preventing a wide range of pathogens from contaminating the environment.


● Long-lasting Effectiveness:

Many people do not realize that Virokill technology lasts a long time is one of the most interesting facts. Once this technology is integrated into CenturyPly products they work strenuously, safeguarding against a diverse range of viruses and bacteria This highly enduring feat of resilience warms the hearts of consumers, assuring them that the products will be protected from any possible health threats.


● Environmentally Friendly Formulation:

In today’s modern world, sustainability is a key factor of consideration. Virokill technology is made in such a way as to support eco-conscious principles. The formula is made in such a way that it is in no way harmful to the environment and thus impossible to be contaminated with dangerous substances that could disrupt ecology. This is all about CenturyPly’s sustainability which explains their dedication to environment-friendly manufacturing.


● Versatile Applications:

This technology was innovated for furniture and decoration in the beginning, but its high flexibility enables potential use in intersecting industries such as residential rooms and business facilities. This technology not only caters to kitchen cabinetry, office desks, and hospital amenities but also is a way of ensuring a pathogen-free clean environment.


● Rigorous Testing and Certification:

CenturyPly’s pledge to quality and safety can be seen in Virokill technology. This technology is put through string testing and certification processes which have successfully deemed it capable. Before integrating the technology, it is tested for accuracy and sensitivity.


This process, which is aimed at determining the performance and endurance of the technology, forms the basis of the decision of whether the technology should be integrated into the current equipment or not.


● Seamless Integration into Existing Products:

Certainly, the most remarkable part of Virokill technology is that it goes unnoticed in CenturyPly’s extensive product range. Whether you’re looking to improve your living space or are equipping a commercial establishment, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of Virokill not even having to worry about losing aesthetics or functionality.


Final Overview

The CenturyPly Virokill technology has opened ways to better our surface hygiene. Health and cleanliness are going to be the demands of today’s world after the health crisis and Virokill technology is a mark of innovation, forward-moving in the definition of the way of protection from harmful bacteria in the living environment and ensuring a germ-free space.



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