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10 Steps to Properly Installing Wood Veneer Sheets on Furniture and Surfaces


Veneer sheets of wood, being a premium product, offer a classy and elegant finish to furniture and surfaces like walls, floors, and door facings to make a statement. Installation of all the outlets may appear to be easy but if the right steps are not followed, they could lead to major incomprehensible problems. In this article, we shall talk about 10 steps to properly install wood veneer sheets on furniture and surfaces.


● Step 1: Opt For the Best Wood Veneer Pick

There is a wide array of wood veneers to choose from, make the first step by selecting the preferred wood veneer for your particular project. CenturyPly has developed an extensive range of variety veneers. These types of veneer can be all unique because of the particular lines, traces of grain, and shades of colour they display. Make sure you design a proper ambience and how this veneer will integrate with the other already instilled décor.


● Step 2: Surface Preparation

In other to apply wood veneer sheets, the surface has to be prepared. It is vital to ensure the surface is clean, dry and it is somewhat smooth to have appropriate adhesion of furniture upon it. the surface unevenness and roughness can be obvious or even lead to the damage of the veneer. To achieve a smooth texture, sanding is necessary. This job can be done by professionals or anyone skilled in the job.


● Step 3: Measure and Cut

Measuring is the key to perfect installation. Make sure you make the right measurements on the size of the wood veneer sheets. Mark them on the wood veneer sheets. For that, use a sharp utility knife or a veneer saw to cut those sheets to the wanted/appropriate area measurement. The reliability of CenturyPly’s decorative veneers, in being smoothly working considering their consistent thickness, is their hallmark.


● Step 4: Apply Adhesive

Selecting the right adhesive out of many is essential for achieving this. CenturyPly suggests utilization of best wood glue which is the right glue for veneer sheeting. Apply the adhesive even on both the back of the wood veneer sheets and the attached surface. Follow the given procedures of the manufacturer for this selected adhesive.


● Step 5: Align and press

Exactly match the wood veneer sheets with the directional arrows, which will allow you to adjust the sheets accurately. Press the veneer firmly against the substrate that the surface is made of. Ensure that there are no air bubbles under the veneer. The veneer can, then, be smoothly rolled out with a roller for better adhesive-contact maximization.


● Step 6: Trim the excess part

Finally, after nailing the wood veneer sheets in place, use a sharp utility knife to trim away any excess material. Spend as much time as you need to create smooth, clean, and exact borders.


● Step 7: Seal it up

To generate the more desirable effect of wood veneer installation, sealing edges would be a great idea. A wood sealer designed to protect the exposed edges from moisture and potential damage could be a good idea.


● Step 8: Sand – For even Smoothness:

The ultimate step once the adhesive has finished curing is the sanding which is done to ensure that you have a scratch-free level surface. With CenturyPly’s veneering department, every sheet or fair face is cut with precision and glued with strict quality control procedures to ensure the veneers are consistent in materials and appearance, and of the highest quality, that sanding the surface into perfection will be so easy.


● Step 9: Their finishes come in either a stain or finish option

You can use stain or finish to improve the wood veneer’s appearance and prolong its life. This way, it will become more elegant and wear and tear resistant as well. CenturyPly lets you have a wide choice of finishes that not only protect veneer in a great way but also emphasize the natural beauty of the sense.


● Step 10: Maintenance and protection

After the wooden veneer sheets are mounted onto the wall and are properly finished, regular maintenance is the most crucial thing. Refer to the instructions given to clean and maintain the veneer of CenturyPly to enjoy the long life of the veneer.


Final Overview

Properly nailing wood veneer sheets to various surfaces and pieces of furniture is such a challenge, but at the same time, this process allows you to dramatically change the dimension of any place or furniture unit. Through these ten simple steps and using CenturyPly’s only top-grade veneers, you can complete a job that will be a quality, lasting one.



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